Grow Sales. Save Time. And Get More Engagements.

— by connecting better with your customers.


A powerful sales and marketing machine on auto-pilot.

A chatbot is mostly known as an automatic conversation tool. But our Smart Chatbot Marketing is way more than that.

We’ve made it an extremely powerful sales and marketing application that will drive up your sales tremendously, helps you save a huge amount of time, and get tons of engagements daily.

You’ll be able to:

  • Turn prospects into new customer at a much higher rate
  • Increase customer retention by more than twice
  • And make your customers a fan and get more organic sharing.

It’s interesting. It’s effective. It’s the future of marketing.

Do you remember the last time you came across a product or service online or at a physical shop?

Maybe it pique your interest for a moment. But you’re not ready to commit yet.

And with so many things going on, and so many similar products fighting for your attention, you end up not purchasing the one you first saw.

Our Smart Chatbot bridge that gap to ensure you’re always at the top of your prospect’s mind.

It subscribes them into an interactive chatbot with a single click or QR code scan.

It provides them with great user experience and information to explore more whenever they want.

It gives you the opportunity to re-market to them whenever you want.

And when they are ready, they go to you.

And once they are with you, there’s a lot more you can do to make them come back to you.

It has a very engaging conversation-based interface, and it integrates seamlessly with all the big social medias like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as websites and print.

Because it is so easy to use, so flexible, and works so seamlessly across various platforms — there is no doubt that our Smart Chatbot is the future of Marketing.


The possibilities are endless! But here are a few things...

Attract massive leads quickly by adding smart bots to your marketing campaigns, and watch your engagement and conversion increase tremendously!

Automated system such as ordering system, appointment system, feedback system etc. with real-time response for you and your customers!

Reward system such as loyalty rewards, referral rewards etc. to keep your customers coming back!

Menu or catalogues to showcase your products, services, latest arrivals, or other important information!

Stay connected! Keep your customers updated with the latest promos, events, or updates etc. in a visually engaging way!

Don’t keep your prospect waiting! Our smart bots can reply to common questions instantly to keep them engaged while their interest is high!

Let the word spread! Encourage sharing and reviews after their visit as this is when they are most likely to put in a good word for you!

Have some fun! Create quiz and games to engage with your customers and understand them better!


It's like your own business app, without needing an app.

Big brands like Macdonald, Starbucks, KFC etc. spend hundreds of thousands to build their own apps. Because they know how much it will help their brand and business.

The app allows their users to easily check on the latest arrivals, promotions, place an order, earn rewards etc. at their finger tips. They are at the top of their customer’s mind, and thus get much more sales and awareness from the customers.

But what if you can have all that... at a much lower cost, much faster implementation, and best of all -- a 1.2 billion downloads for your ‘app’ instantly? (That’s 8x Macdonald’s app worldwide downloads)

You see, for small business, it makes no sense to develop your own app. The cost is too high, and the trouble is too much. And after it’s done, no one is going to download your app. (There’s already too many apps on our phone!)

But since our chatbot runs on facebook/instagram messenger, your ‘app’ will be accessible to almost everyone the moment it goes live!

You may be thinking...

This all sounds great, but how do I market it?

Worry not.

Besides setting up your smart chatbot, we also provide effective marketing with proven results.

That includes...
- Facebook / Instagram Marketing
- YouTube Advertising
- Google Search Marketing
As well as integrating with your offline / print marketing.

You can check out our Smart Video Campaign to see how we fill our clients business with bookings and sales!