See real growth in your customers and sales with the smartest marketing methods in 2021.


Let’s cut to the chase.

You are here to look for ways to grow your business. And we happen to do something that caught your attention. The question you’re asking now is — are we right for the job?

To keep it simple, businesses we’ve worked with have seen:
✅ Huge influx of new customers
✅ Higher retention rate on existing customers
✅ Increase in brand value and awareness

We’re a one-stop marketing agency. Which means we have everything you need to grow your business effectively.

We're tired of sounding like the rest. But bottom line is, we get things done, and we get results fast. And we have a ton of results to back it up.

Grow with our Smart Video Campaign.

By creating engaging videos and leveraging on our smart campaign strategy, we've successfully helped businesses increase their revenue and customer base significantly.

Some campaign results include:
🚀 $984 ad spend for 128 appointments worth $5,760 for a beauty spa
🚀 $2,458 ad spend for 61 enrolments worth $24,400 for an infant care tutor
$5,985 ad spend for over 1,600 orders worth over $26,000 for an F&B business

You're looking at 6~10x return on ad spend. And you can triple that worth if you consider return customers. These are not numbers pulled out of thin air. It’s in our campaign dashboard to show you.


Digital Marketing

We run effective campaigns with scroll-stopping ads on the largest digital platforms — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and the latest TikTok.

Video Marketing

Many 'professional-looking' videos failed on social media. Our videos are proven to grab attention, draw emotion, and get your viewers to take action.

Social Media Branding

Appeal to your audience with a social presence that people love, follow, and buy from! We plan and create posts that align with your brand and goals.

Chatbot Marketing

Our smart chatbot will save you time, engage customers, and increase conversion on your marketing campaigns tremendously.


We write words that sell. Copywriting is the soul of every successful ad, video, sales page, and campaign.

Website & Landing Page

More than just a traditional website, Our high-converting landing pages are designed to convert your visitors into leads and sales.

Influencer Marketing

Create buzz and build trust with our influencer marketing. And then further amplify its impact and lifespan through our digital campaigns.

Marketing Consultation

Running your marketing in-house? Let us zoom straight into your business, campaigns, and offer you practical advice to increase your results and returns.


...and many more!

See What They Say...


Have your doubts? We’re here to clear them.

We have seen and heard too many cases of businesses getting burnt by marketing agencies, or attend marketing courses but failed to turn it into real-world results.

So we know you may be skeptical on getting the right people to work with.

At Kindlebean, we treat every business we work with like our own.

We have expertise in multiple aspects of marketing, we have proven track record across different niches, we know we can help to take your business to the next level -- as long as you have something good. Something people actually want.

We know how much goes into running a business.

If we can handle the one part we’re best at for you — getting customers to your business, then you can take better care of the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect to see results?

You'll generally see significant leads, appointments, or sales within a week of the campaign launch. And a full transformation in 6 months or less. However, this may depend on your niche and other factors.

What would you do for us?

We would dive deep into your business first -- and according to your budget and goals, we would come up with the most practical and effective strategy to scale your business.

How much do your services cost?

We can’t put a flat figure on that. Our fees can go anywhere from $500 to over $5,000 per month (KPI-based can be discussed for suitable business), with an initial setup fee. It depends on your niche, your business, your budget, and what needs to be done to achieve your goals. Of course, the higher the budget, the more and better campaigns we can create.

Do you have experience in my industry?

Most likely. Even if we have not yet worked on an exact business like yours, chances are, our strong framework and great creatives will work just as well. To know better, simply get in touch. And if we're not up for it, we'll let you know straight.

How are you different from other marketing agencies?

There are not many good agencies out there. That's a fact. Many marketers rely on outdated methods, 'Guru' teachings, or simply outsource — to do simple, ineffective work. The end result is business owners wasting their time and money, only to lose faith in digital marketing.

Among the good agencies, most can do one or two things well. Some are good with designs. Some are good with SEO. Some are good with Facebook ads. But our expertise in multiple aspects of marketing allows us to plan and execute a much more direct, and much more impactful campaign for your business.