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You're at the right place if...

✅  You have a good product or service, but sales are getting stale and you want to get a new influx of customers to your business.

✅  You can't wait 3~6 months for results, and would love to see a good return on your investment in 30 days or less.

✅  You want to become the go-to brand in your niche through content marketing where customers come to you without selling to them.

✅  You want an agency that work not just to "check the boxes", but with a proven track record to produce undeniable results in sales and engagement.

✅  You're doing your marketing in-house, but would like a proven specialist to help strategize and guide your team to produce much better results.

✅  You want to focus on your business operation. Not stressing about marketing everyday and always trying new ways that barely get customers.

Our results speak for itself

Engagement Results

Over 32 million views in 2023 from organic content marketing without any paid ads

Sales Results

Paid campaign with 5~40x return on ad spend using UGCs and video ads

The reason why most marketing campaigns
are failing today...

Is because most agencies and experts are still using outdated sales funnels and template ads like everyone else. No wonder consumers are tired of it.

So what truly matters now?

Authentic, relatable, interesting, and useful video content and ads. That is how you can get your prospect’s attention, build a connection with them, and get them to be genuinely interested in your products.

Here are our Top 3 Marketing Game Plan that has completely packed our clients’ business in 2023 despite rising competition.

1. Influencer + UGC Marketing

Hype up your brand and get massive sales.

Leveraging on influencers is a good way to create awareness for your brand and products.

However, most influencer campaigns failed to generate much sales. This is because:

❌  Their followers are mostly not your target audience.

❌  The campaign is disorganised, with creators’ posts that were neither engaging nor bring the best out of your product.

❌  The exposure quickly fades after their initial postings.

So to counter that, we create high-quality User Generated Content (UGC) with our creators to repurpose for ads and content to build a successful, long-term campaign. UGC, when done right,

✅  Can present your USP in the most authentic way that resonates with your audience.

✅  Can serve as social proof and influence consumer behavior more effectively.

✅  Is currently the best-performing kind of ad and content in getting sales and building brand awareness.

UGC Portfolio

2. Smart Video Campaign

Get an instant boost in sales and customers.

For business looking to get quick results and profits, this is our go-to strategy to bring in substantial sales and bookings within weeks — averaging a 5 to 20x return on ad spend upfront.

Step 1.

We create high-converting UGCs and short video ads designed to grab your audience's attention from the very 1st second, and continue to build up their interest and desire for your product.

Step 2.

We set up an effective paid campaign using these creatives to reach out to your ideal prospects quickly, focusing on results that truly matters (i.e. sales, bookings, leads)

Step 3.

For enquiry based campaign, we may also prepare a reply / follow-up strategy to turn their interest into sales. Sometimes with the help of an interactive chatbot.

Ad Campaign showing $32k of tracked sales at a 11x return on ad spend

3. Viral Content Marketing

Build a massive following and become the go-to brand in your niche.

To truly scale your business and become the go-to brand in your niche, you have to build a community around your brand — and there's no better way to do that than content marketing.

The PROBLEM is, most brands have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to create content that their audience actually wants to watch.

But with our content formula of Educating, Entertaining, and Inspiring, we're able to get millions of organic views for brands account, even when starting from 0.

As a result, these brands are able to build a strong connection and trust with their audience, and increase their sales significantly without trying to sell to them.

This works especially well on TikTok, but also on Instagram and Facebook Reels.

DO NOT underestimate TikTok, thinking it's for kids. It is now the fastest-growing social media platform, and is extremely popular among Gen Z and Millenials. It's a platform that EVERY business should be on.

Content Portfolio

Look at the engagements these videos are getting!

Testimonials & Success Stories

“We went from relying on our regulars and getting scattered appointments, to being fully booked often even on weekdays!”

- 60% increase in revenue
- 14,000+ enquries from ads

House of Balinese
(Balinese Massage Spa)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful videos. We have to stop the ads as we are fully booked for the next 3 months!"

- 450% increase in revenue
- From a "1-woman show" to a team of 7 therapists

Mummycare Therapy
(Pre & Postnatal Service)

“Sales has definitely increased especially on our delivery orders and live station service. We hit another record sales last month!"

- 50% increase in revenue
- $169k of tracked sales from ads at a 11x return

(Kebab Delivery Specialist)

"One month in and we already had our record month in 3 years! Really appreciate the wonderful work and effort you guys have been putting in."

- Record sales within 30 days of content marketing without any paid ads

Porta Porta
(Italian Restaurant)

"Our sales has gotten so much better since we started marketing on social media with you guys. Before this we were purely relying on Shopee and Lazada."

- 80% increase in revenue
- $110k tracked sales from ads at a 6x return


"I was offering free teachings at community centers to promote myself before. Now I have a consistent stream of parents paying the full amount to attend my course.” 

- 300+ sign-ups with full payment
- $100k+ made upfront

Mummy Baby Care, Sharon
(Newborn Care Instructor)

"Took a leap of faith to engage your service as it came highly-recommended. No regrets. April and May has been excellent and I'm very satisfied with the results!"

- 80% increase in online sales
- $35k tracked sales from ads at a 11x return

(Churros Delivery Specialist)

"Our new outlet was losing money every month. But the ads and content are bringing in some crowd and we’re starting to see some profits. Keep up the good work.”

- 40% increase in revenue
- 3,400+ enquiries from ad

(Nail & Beauty Spa)

Our Promise

No results? No fees.

We know what a nightmare it is for a business owner to spend time and money on something and it doesn't work.

So instead of simply taking our words for it, we will be offering a 'No-Results-No-Fees Money-Back Guarantee'.

If you do not see measureable results from our work — we’ll refund you our fees in FULL.

Pricing Package

Pricing listed is for reference only. Get in touch for a quote and let us recommend a marketing package that works best for your business!

Influencer Marketing + UGC

• Planning and ideation for UGC concepts and hooks

• Shortlist suitable influencers and creators

• Brief collaborators on creative direction, product USP, and deliverables

• Assist with filming and editing where necessary

• Deliver high-quality UGCs for ads and content

From $2,380
(per batch)

Smart Video Campaign

• High-converting video ads designed to maximize response from social media

• Campaign planning, setup, targeting, and tracking

• Copywriting for ad captions and headlines

• Monitor analytics and make necessary campaign/ad adjustments to improve results

• Monthly campaign report with recommendations to improve ROI

From $2,980

** For initial videos and campaign setup. Client can opt for a handover or a monthly management thereafter.

Viral Content Marketing

• Research, planning, and ideation for content concepts and hooks

• Invite talents and influencers where necessary

• Filming and editing

• Adding captions, hashtags, and posting on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook

• Managing of social media and comments

From $2,380
(per month)

** Qualified business may opt for a KPI-based fee

Strategic Marketing Planning & Consultaiton

Have an in-house marketing team but want better results? We can help to strategize and guide your team to build a more effective marketing campaign.

Whether it is for your ad campaign, your creatives, or your organic content — our experience and expertise can definitely assist your team to produce much better results in terms of engagement, sales, and business growth.


Ready to scale up your business for real? Do provide us with some details and book a time for our discussion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose kindlebean?

Short answer, results. Unlike most agencies, our work are not just to "check the boxes". All our work are result-driven and have been proven to work extremely well across different businesses.

Our UGC and video ads convert better. Our paid campaigns get higher return. Our influencer campaign has bigger impact. And we have one of the best content marketing framework for brands and products.

How long can I expect to see results?

For paid campaigns with a message or conversion objective, you can expect to see results in terms of enquiries, leads, bookings and/or sales within 7 days or less from its active date.

For content marketing, you will a good amount of engagements and views within 30 days or less from our initial postings.

How much do I need to spend on ads?

For paid campaigns, you can start with as little as $10 a day and still get a decent result. From there, you can scale up your budget once it's giving you a positive return. For organic content marketing, you don't have to spend anything on ads, unless you want to boost certain post for additional exposure.

Will your marketing methods work for my business?

Short answer, probably yes. Especially if you're in a B2C business. As long as you have a good product or service and can ensure a decent level of customer satisfaction and retention, we will be able to get customers to your door and help to scale your business predictably. But let's find out more during our discovery meeting.

How does your money-back guarantee works?

We pride ourselves in getting results. So if we fail to get measureable results from our work after 30 days of our first campaign or postings, we will refund your fees back in full. Fortunately, we haven't failed to produce results thus far!

The results are based on trackable data from our dashboard such as enquiries, leads, or sales (depending on the campaign objectives) for paid campaigns. Or engagement and views for content marketing.