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The answer to attracting a huge pool of new customers using social media in 2023

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You're at the right place if...

✅  You have a good product or service, but sales is getting stale and you want to get a new influx of customers to your business.

✅  You can't wait 3~6 months for results, and would love to see a good return on your investment in 30 days or less.

✅  You want to build a successful social media profile and become the go-to brand in your niche where customers come to you without selling to them.

✅  You're tired of working with marketing agencies or learn from "experts" whose methods doesn't produce actual results.

✅  You want to focus on your business operation. Not stressing everyday about marketing and always trying new ways that barely get customers.

Our results speak for itself!

Showing recent results from upfront tracked sales only. Yet to include results from upsells, returning customers and walk-ins etc.

Additional $77,000+ in sales for an e-commerce store with a 5.49x return on ad-spend. Their monthly revenue has since doubled in less than 6 months.

Additional $108,000+ in orders for a F&B outlet from in-house delivery alone. As well as a significant increase in orders from dine-in, grab, and corporate orders.

Over 600 new bookings for a wellness spa from 3,800+ enquiries. They went from relying on regulars to survive to often fully packed even on weekdays.

Sold over 80 postnatal packages worth over $100,000 in total. That's a 23x return on their ad-spend. Business went from a "one-woman show" to a team of 7 therapists.

The reason why most marketing campaign is performing poorly recently...

Is because many agencies and experts are still using the typical sales funnel, template ads, and campaign settings that everyone else is doing. No wonder consumers are getting tired of it.

So what truly matters now?

Authentic, relatable, interesting, and useful video content and ads. That is the way forward to get your prospect’s attention, build a connection and trust with them, and get them to be genuinely interested in your products.

Here are our TOP 3 Marketing Game Plan that has completely packed our clients’ business with customers in 2022, and will do even better in 2023.

1. Smart Video Campaign

Get an instant boost in sales and customers.

For business looking for quick results and profit, this is our fastest way to get you 100s of new sales and bookings within days or weeks.

Step 1.

We create a killer video ad with scroll-stopping hook that instantly grabs your target audience's attention, and presents your USP in the most engaging way to trigger their desire for your product.

Step 2.

We setup an effective paid campaign to reach out to your best prospects and focus on the results that truly matters (i.e. sales, bookings, leads)

Step 3.

We prepare a reply / follow-up strategy which is key to turn their interest into sales. An interactive chatbot can also be added to improve your prospect’s experience and conversion.

Video Samples

2. Viral Content Marketing

Get massive organic reach and become the go-to brand in your niche.

No matter how good your ads are, eventually the results will start to stagnate.

So to truly grow your business sustainably, we create viral short-form video content that can get you 10,000s~100,000s organic views in a matter of days — even if you have 0 followers.

And the results is that you'll be able to:

✅  Appear constantly on your audience's feed with engaging and useful content.

✅  Build a strong connection and trust naturally with your audience.

✅  Become the go-to brand in your niche without you trying to sell to them.

This works especially well on TikTok and IG Reels.

Do not underestimate TikTok, thinking it's for kids. Cos’ it is now the fastest growing social media app, and is extremely popular among Gen Z and Millenials.

It would be a huge mistake to ignore it when a ton of your prospects are on the platform, and it will become way more competitive if you don’t start it now.

Engagement Results

3. Influencer Marketing + UGC

Hype up your brand and get massive sales.

If you want to hype up your brand and create massive social proof, you should definitely leverage on influencers.

However, most influencer campaign failed to generate much sales. That is because:

❌  Their followers are mostly not your target audience.

❌  Their sponsored post is not engaging and does not bring the best out of your product.

❌  The exposure quickly fades after their initial postings.

So to counter that, we create high-quality User Generated Content (UGC) with our influencers. UGCs, when done right,

✅  Can present your USPs in an authentic, relatable, and non-salesy way.

✅  Is one of the most effective content type in getting prospect's interest nowadays.

✅   Can be re-purposed for your own content and ads to build a long-term campaign that attracts massive sales while growing your brand recognition.

Sample UGCs

What else we do?

Chatbot Marketing

Save time, engage customers better, and increase conversion on your marketing campaigns with an interactive chat system.

Landing Page & Copy

We design high-converting landing page with persuasive copy that can convert visitors into sales — much more effective than traditional websites.

Marketing Consultation

Get practical advice to significantly improve results from your social media content, ads, campaign, reply strategy, landing page, etc.

What do our clients say?

Some brands we work with

Our Promise

No results? No fees.

We know what a nightmare it is for a business owner to spend time and money on something and it doesn't work.

So instead of simply taking our words for it, we will be offering a 'No-Results-No-Fees Money-Back Guarantee'.

If you do not see the promised results within the first month — we’ll refund you our fees in FULL.

Pricing Package

Pricing listed is for reference only. Get in touch for a quote and let us recommend a marketing package that works best for your business!

Smart Video Campaign

• High-converting video(s)

• Planning, filming, and editing

• Strategic reply copywriting

• Chatbot setup and maintenance (optional)

• Effective paid campaign setup, management, and data analysis

From $2,580

Viral Content Marketing

• Series of engaging short-form videos

• Content research, planning, and brainstorming

• Filming and editing

• Posting on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, 小红书, etc.

From $2,480

Influencer Marketing + UGC

• High-quality UGC videos with multiple influencers

• Liaising with suitable influencers for your niche.

• Influencers mentions on Instagram, TikTok, 小红书, etc.

• Re-purpose UGCs for your content and ads

From $2,380

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect to see results?

For paid video campaigns with a message or conversion objective, you can expect to see results in terms of enquiries, leads, bookings and/or sales within 7 days or less from its active date.

For viral content marketing, you will be able to get a good number of views on TikTok and/or Instagram Reels within 7 days after the first few video postings.

How much do I need to spend on ads?

If you're looking for quick results rather than branding or exposure, we recommend paid campaign to quickly reach out to the best audience. You can start with as little as $10 a day and still get a decent result. From there, you can scale up your budget once it's giving you a positive return.

Will your marketing methods work for my business?

It has worked for all our clients and it likely works for yours too. Especially if you're a B2C business. Because the key is not just about our methods, but our ability to tailor it to make it work best for different niches and target audience.

As long as you have a good product or service to ensure a level of customer satisfaction and retention, we will be able to get customers to your door and help to scale your business predictably.

How does your money-back guarantee works?

For paid video campaigns with a message or conversion objective, we guarantee results in terms of enquiries, leads, bookings and/or sales. For viral content marketing, we will guarantee results in terms of views and engagement. (Since we won't be able to track the sales)

If we fail to get you these tangible results from our campaign, we will refund your fees back in full. Fortunately, our marketing hasn't failed to produce results thus far!

How are you different from other agencies?

We're quite different.

The typical performance marketing agencies focus on a standard framework of copywriting, running ads with interest targeting, and leading users to a sales funnel. Which isn't necessarily bad but it's the same thing all your competitors are doing on social media already. Whereas our methods are not easy to copy as it requires much more creativity and social media experiences to craft an engaging video campaign and viral content that outshines your competitors.

And the typical influencer management agency simply acts as a middle-man, which means the sponsored posts are often not that attractive. For us, we get a thorough understanding of your project first, and work closely with our influencers to ensure the UGCs produced bring the best out of your product, and will work great as your own content and ads to attract the right customers.

And unlike the general video production company, our videos are not just created to look professional (which is another word for boring on social media nowadays)  — But to get attention, engagement, and sales.